Founded in August of 2006 and based in Denver, Colorado.

Symphony Marketing was founded on the idea that marketers ultimately survive and thrive when they drive bottom line results. Sure there's excitement and anticipation when the TV commercial airs, the mail drops, you send a tweet, you launch a Facebook campaign, the sales team hits the street or just about any other marketing event you can think of. But whether you work for a big company, or run your own, at the end of the day, it's the cash-flow coming into the business that allows it to operate and grow. That cash-flow comes from customers that marketing and sales people acquire, retain and grow. Your results are measurable, shouldn't the firms you hire quantify how their actions will drive your bottom results? Ask them to, and see if they are willing to get specific. We do the math, we think through the financial implications and we quantify our actions. The side benefit of doing this is that we have results to talk about, not just feel good results, but numbers representing sales growth, retained revenue, customer counts and cash-flow that our efforts delivered. Results that drive your business and drive your career.

Why should you believe us? You know how us marketing types can spin a story. Anything to get the sale, right? You shouldn't take our word for it, you should hear it directly from our clients. You'll hear about how we work, the type of results we drive and you'll hear that we tell it like it is. We're not a fit for everyone, just those clients that find the bottom line results hard to live without.


A Little Background on our founder:

John Pitek  John Pitek – Founder and CEO

John is a hands on results driven individual with a diverse background in consumer and B2B sales and marketing, both domestically and internationally. He has held senior positions in telephony, Internet infrastructure, software, cable television and consumer products companies from VC funded start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations. He has a BS and MS in Engineering, an MBA, and 5 patents. He is both very creative and highly analytical. He loves to brainstorm with the creative teams as well as lead the development of data structures to track customer behavior and trends. John quickly connects with marketing, sales, finance and operational teams because of his grasp of these disciplines.

He has had P&L responsibility for businesses generating in excess of $1.1B in annual revenue, managed marketing budgets in excess to $25M and led national and international sales teams with up to 150 sales professionals as well as working in start ups that raised over $300M in venture funding. In other words, he's "been there, done that" and understands what it's like to be on the hot seat when it comes to delivering results.

As an adjunct professor at the University of Rochester’s Simon School of Business, he taught Consumer Behavior at the graduate level.

If you work with Symphony Marketing you'll definitely be interacting with John as he works with every client and takes their results personally.

"A professor of mine once told our advertising class that the ads and offers that most people think of as marketing, are just the final 10% of the effort and it's the planning leading up to that point that is 90% of the work and determines how good the results will be". He was telling us that artists make the work look good but successful marketers make sure that the message is right and a plan is in place to turn traffic into sales." — John Pitek

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