Industries Served


Since the launch of Symphony Marketing in 2006 we have been helping this industry to establish a more customer centric approach to acquiring, up-selling and retaining customers in the face of intense competition and fast paced technology development. We work in the both the consumer and business to business space mapping customer and prospect perceptions as well as the highly volatile competitive landscape. We collect data and turn it into actionable strategies and then measure the bottom line impact overtime to insure success.


In 2016, Symphony Marketing started working with major players in the healthcare industry as well as smaller technology solution providers and they rapidly became a significant portion of our business. Healthcare is going through seismic shifts and the pressure to evolve has never been greater. New competitors are emerging squeezing margins by focusing on the most profitable portions of the business. Our experience in helping highly competitive industries evolve turned out to be just what the doctor ordered. Marketing teams, in particular, will need to move from general brand advertising cost centers to data driven, competitive aware, profit centers helping to drive top line revenue and cash-flow and that’s exactly where we are focused.


Our skills in competitive data driven marketing have a broad application across many industries.