Sales Appointment Setting

Sales appointment setting was actually an out growth of our research operation. It turns out that the skills we developed in terms of conversational interviews make our team very competent when it comes to cold calling. In addition, the fact that we use educated callers allows us to target executives and other decision makers within companies, be conversational enough to get around the gate keeper and get an appointment set for the sales team. We warm the lead, we put an appointment on the salesperson's calendar and provide the salesperson a description of the customer and their needs. Our results to date have been impressive and actually exceeded our own expectations.

To figure out if this service is right for your company, think through the following questions:

Do you see value in your sales team focusing their time on closing warm leads versus doing cold calling? It might seem obvious that it's a good idea having people that are good at closing spending more of their time closing but many potential clients that we talk to see it as an extra expense that they are already paying their sales team to do. If you are thinking this way I would encourage you to think through the value of the additional sale versus the expense. The higher the value of a sale, the more likely that lead nurturing and appointment setting will make sense.

Do you know who your best sales targets are? If we get your sales people into accounts that just don't make sense for your product you'll have wasted a lot of money. We can certainly help you identify the right targets and even source lists for you.

Are your sales people ready for the clients that they will be talking to? A client of ours aimmed up market in terms of targeting bigger accounts than they ever did before. They were very happy with the appointments we set for them only to find out that their sales team was totally unprepared to have a conversation with the level of client that they were talking to. They hadn't gotten into these accounts in the past because the sales team wasn't capable of opening these "bigger" doors. If your going to spend the money to get in make sure you prepared to be sitting across the table.

What's the benefit of having a sales call with your firm? Cold callers sell appointments. About the last thing that the people they are talking to want to do is to sit across the table from a sales person so we have to show them that there is value in the appointment itself. They should believe that they will be better off for having the appointment. They could be more knowledgable in general, see options they may not have considered or anything else we can come up with to "close" on an appointment. This will be the most work for you but you'll benefit from going through our process. We call it the George Forman method – we're going to grill you! You'll answer a list of questions about your firm, products and value and then we will ask you, many times, "so what? why should the prospect care?". At the beginning of this process most people talk about their products and product benefits. In a cold call we're not selling products we're selling appointments so we'll push you from the value of the product back to the value of the appointment.


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