Conversational Research – Conversational research is interactive and far more insightful than traditional research. Its application is in understanding current customer behaviors and motivations to create action plans that can have an immediate impact on results. Our in house, US based, calling operation utilizes a much higher caliber research caller and while we pay them better it doesn’t mean our research is more expensive. Our callers require less supervision and are far more productive allowing us to deliver high quality results at a reasonable price. Don’t guess what is motivating your customers. Let them tell you, in their own words. [more on Conversational Research …]


Marketing Analytics and Forecasting – We’re really good at applying math to gaining actionable insights from marketing data. Many of our clients have a wealth of data that can be used to almost instantly improve their results and create more predictable market forecasts going forward. Uncover the opportunities that are hiding in your data and improve the accuracy of your forecasts.

Marketing and Sales Consulting – Sometimes you just need some professional help. Our engagements range from helping to address a negative trend in results, dealing with a new competitive threat, serving as interim marketing talent, helping to recruit marketing leadership, defining a forecast methodology and just about any other aspect of a high performance marketing team. Simply put, we quickly define the need, address it and implement the solution. Can you benefit from the help of some seasoned talent that knows how to impact the bottom line?


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