Symphony Marketing Inspires Deaf Students with the No Barriers Mindset

Symphony Marketing is sponsoring No Barriers USA in 2014, helping a one-of-a-kind team of high school students who are deaf, hard of hearing and hearing-abled discover what it means to live a No Barriers Life. 

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Co-founded by world-renowned blind adventurer Erik Weihenmayer, No Barriers is a nonprofit organization that uses journey-based experiences to connect people of all backgrounds with their personal quest to become, grow and contribute their absolute best to the world.  From wounded veterans heading to the South Pole with Prince Harry to urban high school students

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A Marketing Lesson from Caddy Shack

I've gotta get inside this guy's pelt and crawal around for a few days" – Greens Keeper Carl (Bill Murray). If I were allowed to share only one concept with you to improve your marketing and sales results, it would be to put yourself in the customers shoes and see the world from their persepctive. It should be the guiding principal behind every customer or prospect interaction regardless of if it’s in your advertising, during a sales call, on your website or blog, on Face Book or Twitter, on a phone call with a customer or any other customer interaction that you can think of. Whether you work for a large corporation or you run a small business.

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A Facebook Page Strategy – Why your business can’t afford not to have one

Facebook has over 750 million ACTIVE users and half of them login to Facebook on any given day making it the most powerful social network on the planet.  With that kind of volume, and Facebook’s efforts to become friendly to businesses the potential is significant for Business to Consumer companies. The potential is lower for Business to Business companies as Facebook in the workplace is frowned upon by many firms and even blocked in their servers.

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Truth in Advertising – To the Extreme

Truth in Advertising – How often have you brain-stormed ways to make every aspect of your business, or the business of one of your clients, a big glowing positive review? It’s only natural. Why would you ever want to say something negative? After all, you’re trying to get these people to spend their hard earned dollars with you. Very few marketers take advantage of the fact that if you admit a negative you get a positive.

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